#SXSWrpg is here! Tweet your adventure and level up your conference experience

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How’s that for a catchy title?! Seriously though, we’re thrilled to finally announce that the #SXSWrpg site is officially alive! If you’re new here, you can check out the Help page for a full explanation of how things work. In short, conference goers will tweet their activity as if they were inside a role playing game and this site will catch all the action.

#SXSWrpg was born in Vegas, during CES, when @grg tweeted that those looking for a bit more adventure should tweet with the hashtag #CESrpg. A couple of others picked up the hash, most notably @blam, and a good time was had by all. On the trip home, we joked about other RPG opportunities, and SXSW was a natural choice.

If you are a heavy tweeter with a good sense of humor, #SXSWrpg is for you. If at this point you’re still questioning why anyone would want to do this, you probably fall well outside our target demographic. If you are the former, start tweeting! If you are the latter, have another bowl of corn flakes or something.

Before you get started, you might want to read the Help page. It covers important things like turning on location in your Twitter settings and which apps work best with our service. You’ll probably also want to bookmark the quick ref, a handy field guide of quick tips.

The #SXSWrpg site was lovingly and hastily built by @clarklab and @joe_carrot.

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